Miami Product Photographer Kate Benson | Down on The Ranch

A few weeks ago, I did a two-day shoot at a ranch in Davie, Florida. This was the beginning of a busy eight full days of shooting for two different clients. This particular shoot was for Cosabella, whose team is wonderful to work with. The location had pastures, horse corrals, a cabin and working windmill, barns, a true western town and an authentic saloon. They also had all kinds of animals including horses, cows, goats, sheep, donkeys and even camels. The baby animals were adorable. It was fun exploring our various options for shooting all around the ranch.


The western town provided a great background for our shots. Photo: Kristin Stickels


The camels were certainly entertaining. Photo: Kristin Stickels


Photo: Kristin Stickels


We fell in love with the baby goat named Ice Cream. Photo: Amelia


I had a little friend following me around. I think he wanted my bagel. Photo: Kristin Stickels


Mabel the baby calf was so cute. Photo: Kristin Stickels

Thanks to the wonderful Cosabella team and Livestock for Reel for a successful shoot.

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E-Commerce Photography Terms Defined | Miami E-Commerce Photographer Kate Benson

As a still life and product photographer, I realized that there are a lot of terms used in the industry that might not be entirely clear. So, I thought I would define them here and explain how my team and I can help you get the right photos for your needs.

e-commerce images:  These are photos of your product that customers click on to purchase the product. These shots may be photographed on model or as a still life of just the product alone and can be resized to fit dimensions that your web designer requires. E-commerce images can further be broken into two categories: catalog page images and product images. Catalog page images are the library or the main page that people go to which shows an overview of the products available. The product image is the single image of the product which may show the item from various angles.


An example of catalog page images.



An example of a product image.


Banners and intro images: These are photos that are used as headers and on home pages for websites, like a mini ad, to draw customers in. They can be still life, on location, or on model and use a variety of ways to incorporate imagery.


An example of an intro shot on a website.


Advertising images: These are photos that you might need for trade show posters, magazine ads, billboard ads, etc.


An example of an advertising image. Photo: Marina Peniza


Wholesale images:  These are photos for use on sites such as Amazon, Belks, Macy’s, etc. Simply send us the guidelines that are requested by the site and we will cater your photos to these needs.


An example of a wholesale image


Social Media images: These are photos for use on sites such as Facebook and Instagram. Using the guidelines from these sites and your brand’s image, we create photos to promote your products on social media.


An example of a social media shot



Another example of a shot used on social media. This one was used as the cover photo on Facebook.


Lookbook images: These are photos for use in a company’s catalog that portray the “feel” of the product. Catalogs are mailed to clients and serve as a widespread way to promote the products.


An example of a lookbook shot


Line sheet images: These are photos that are basic and to-the-point which give facts for use in helping retail buyers place orders of your product.


An example of a line sheet image

Whatever your product photo needs are, we can work with you to develop images that are right for your company.

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Miami Fashion Photographer |Kate Benson | Double Exposure

Last week I photographed two beautiful girls for Windsor Avenue Jewelry. From that point on it has been a very busy time for my team and I at Kate Benson Photography! That said, with the help of my girls, we wrapped up early today (well almost, just waiting for one more client to get me a retouching list). So I took the time to snap some images out around my home and play with double exposure. I’ve loved the look of double exposure for a while and really wanted to do something with it. So here it is, be sure to let me know which of these is your favorite!

Miami_Fashion_Photographer_Kate_Benson-001 Miami_Fashion_Photographer_Kate_Benson-002 Miami_Fashion_Photographer_Kate_Benson-003


Miami Advertising Photographer Kate Benson | Light Test for Cosabella’s Upcoming Campaign

Cosabella, a client I frequently work with, hired me to shoot their “resort wear” campaign. Their inspiration shots showed some fairly intricate lighting involving colored gels, which I knew would need to be tested out prior to the actual shoot day. So, instead of waiting until the first day of the shoot to nail down the exact lighting that they were aiming for, I spent some time testing out various light set-ups beforehand. This way, on the day of the shoot we would know exactly what the set-up was and would have it all ready so that the models could simply walk onto the set and we could begin shooting without delays.

We worked with Felipe, a local lighting technician and gaffer, to get an additional perspective on the lighting that Cosabella was looking for. His expertise was invaluable, as he had ideas that ended up being quite beneficial to the test. My assistant Kristin was the stand-in for the model and after each shot we examined the shadows and colors for precision.

When were certain we had the lighting exactly as we needed it, I took careful notes in order to be able to replicate the set-up for the actual shoot days.

Taking notes on the lighting set-up. Photo: Kristin Stickels


Noting down the gel colors we used on each light. Photo: Kristin Stickels


Comparing the inspiration shots with the actual shots. Photo: Kristin Stickels


Studying our set-up. Photo: Kristin Stickels



Miami Product Photographer Kate Benson | Making an Impact with Your Photos for Email Blasts

As a product photographer, I shoot quite a bit of e-commerce shots which are used for various things such as websites, ad campaigns, and on-model photos for look books. I also shoot social media shots for clients’ Instagram and Facebook pages. In addition, many clients need photos for their email blasts as well. One option is to shoot photos specifically for these email blasts. Another option is to use photos that we have previously shot for e-commerce. Either way, I can help you to create the photos you need to make a positive lasting impression in your email blasts.

Here are a few examples of photos that were originally shot on-model for Cosabella’s look book but were included in some recent email blasts:




Here are a few examples of still life product shots that were originally shot for Cosabella’s look book and were then included in their recent email blasts:

Miami_Fashio_Photographer_Kate_Benson_Cosabella2 Miami_Fashio_Photographer_Kate_Benson_Cosabella4

And lastly, here are examples of photos that were originally shot as e-commerce photos for Donald J Pliner’s website, but were also included in their email blast:





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Miami E-Commerce Photographer Kate Benson | Donald J Pliner

Donald J Pliner, one of my steady e-commerce clients, recently sent out an e-blast with my photos promoting their men’s driving loafers and women’s summer favorites.


And they also updated their website with a compilation of my shots as their intro for their men’s and women’s best sellers as well as their summer “must-haves.”

Miami_Ecommerce_Photographer_Kate_Benson2  Miami_Ecommerce_Photographer_Kate_Benson4Miami_Ecommerce_Photographer_Kate_Benson3


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Miami E-Commerce Photographer Kate Benson | Cosabella’s Mother’s Day Promotion

Recently, my client Cosabella teamed up with Dana’s bakery to collaborate on a Mother’s Day promotion. For this, they needed some still life shots of a few of Cosabella’s signature pieces with some of Dana’s Bakery’s tasty macarons. It’s always a blast shooting for Cosabella!

Here are a few of the photos they used in their e-blasts as well as on their Facebook page.


Fashion_Photographer_Kate_Benson_Cosabella_Mother's_Day3  Fashion_Photographer_Kate_Benson_Cosabella_Mother's_Day5


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Miami Product Photographer | Kate Benson | Donald J Pliner Behind-the-Scenes

Donald J. Pliner has been one of my longest running clients to date. I hadn’t thought to do a behind-the-scenes video of working with them, but last week we were finally able to! Thankfully Marina, my intern, was available to come with us on the shoot in order to film throughout the day. Patti was kind enough to give a short interview about what is like working with me. This is what a typical shoot day for Donald J. Pliner shoes is like. Enjoy!



Donald J Pliner Behind-the-Scenes from Kate Benson on Vimeo.

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Miami E-Commerce Photographer Kate Benson |Cosabella’s Latest E-Blast

Cosabella used more of my photos for their e-blast. I shot both the on-model and product shots used here in this promotion for their wedding lingerie.


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Miami Advertising Photographer Kate Benson | Crown and Buckle Website Banner Shots

Crown and Buckle recently updated their banner shots with more of my photos. We spent a whole day shooting their wonderful watch bands back in December for various website and social media photos. It has been fun to see the new shots appear on their site.


Marketing_and_Advertising_Miami_Photographer_Kate_Benson Marketing_and_Advertising_Miami_Photographer_Kate_Benson2  Marketing_and_Advertising_Miami_Photographer_Kate_Benson4

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