Miami Product Photographer Kate Benson | Making an Impact with Your Photos for Email Blasts

As a product photographer, I shoot quite a bit of e-commerce shots which are used for various things such as websites, ad campaigns, and on-model photos for look books. I also shoot social media shots for clients’ Instagram and Facebook pages. In addition, many clients need photos for their email blasts as well. One option is to shoot photos specifically for these email blasts. Another option is to use photos that we have previously shot for e-commerce. Either way, I can help you to create the photos you need to make a positive lasting impression in your email blasts.

Here are a few examples of photos that were originally shot on-model for Cosabella’s look book but were included in some recent email blasts:




Here are a few examples of still life product shots that were originally shot for Cosabella’s look book and were then included in their recent email blasts:

Miami_Fashio_Photographer_Kate_Benson_Cosabella2 Miami_Fashio_Photographer_Kate_Benson_Cosabella4

And lastly, here are examples of photos that were originally shot as e-commerce photos for Donald J Pliner’s website, but were also included in their email blast:





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Miami E-Commerce Photographer Kate Benson | Donald J Pliner

Donald J Pliner, one of my steady e-commerce clients, recently sent out an e-blast with my photos promoting their men’s driving loafers and women’s summer favorites.


And they also updated their website with a compilation of my shots as their intro for their men’s and women’s best sellers as well as their summer “must-haves.”

Miami_Ecommerce_Photographer_Kate_Benson2  Miami_Ecommerce_Photographer_Kate_Benson4Miami_Ecommerce_Photographer_Kate_Benson3


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Miami E-Commerce Photographer Kate Benson | Cosabella’s Mother’s Day Promotion

Recently, my client Cosabella teamed up with Dana’s bakery to collaborate on a Mother’s Day promotion. For this, they needed some still life shots of a few of Cosabella’s signature pieces with some of Dana’s Bakery’s tasty macarons. It’s always a blast shooting for Cosabella!

Here are a few of the photos they used in their e-blasts as well as on their Facebook page.


Fashion_Photographer_Kate_Benson_Cosabella_Mother's_Day3  Fashion_Photographer_Kate_Benson_Cosabella_Mother's_Day5


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Miami Product Photographer | Kate Benson | Donald J Pliner Behind-the-Scenes

Donald J. Pliner has been one of my longest running clients to date. I hadn’t thought to do a behind-the-scenes video of working with them, but last week we were finally able to! Thankfully Marina, my intern, was available to come with us on the shoot in order to film throughout the day. Patti was kind enough to give a short interview about what is like working with me. This is what a typical shoot day for Donald J. Pliner shoes is like. Enjoy!



Donald J Pliner Behind-the-Scenes from Kate Benson on Vimeo.

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Miami E-Commerce Photographer Kate Benson |Cosabella’s Latest E-Blast

Cosabella used more of my photos for their e-blast. I shot both the on-model and product shots used here in this promotion for their wedding lingerie.


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Miami Advertising Photographer Kate Benson | Crown and Buckle Website Banner Shots

Crown and Buckle recently updated their banner shots with more of my photos. We spent a whole day shooting their wonderful watch bands back in December for various website and social media photos. It has been fun to see the new shots appear on their site.


Marketing_and_Advertising_Miami_Photographer_Kate_Benson Marketing_and_Advertising_Miami_Photographer_Kate_Benson2  Marketing_and_Advertising_Miami_Photographer_Kate_Benson4

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Miami Jewelry Photographer Kate Benson | Arme de L’amour Jewelry Shoot

Last week, I worked with Arme de L’amour, a jewelry company planning to launch their website soon. They had a few ideas in mind as inspiration, so we worked to create a similar style while making their pieces look as fabulous in photos as they do in person.


Photo: Kristin Stickels


Working with the designer to style the shot. Photo: Kristin Stickels

It was a great day of shooting their wonderful pieces.

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Miami E-Commerce Photographer Kate Benson |Cosabella’s Email Blast

Cosabella used a few more of my shots for their recent email blast promoting their bridal lingerie. We shot both the on-model work and the still life for this blast.




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Celebrity Portrait Photographer Miami Kate Benson | New York Mets’ Jacob deGrom

Last week I had a photo shoot with Jacob deGrom, the New York Mets pitcher who was the National League’s Rookie of The Year in 2014. We drove up to Tradition Field in Port St. Lucie where the Mets have their spring training to meet with Jacob. The photos were to be used for the New York Observer and they wanted two different looks: one in his Mets uniform, and one in his regular street clothes. We had access to the field, the stands and the locker room, so we had to decide where we could best capture Jacob’s personality.

We arrived at the site about two hours before Jacob was to arrive because we wanted to check out the location and lighting options. It is difficult to plan for outdoor lighting at 9 in the morning when you will be shooting at 11 because the angle of the sun changes drastically, but we did the best we could. We only had 20 minutes to shoot Jacob, so we didn’t want to waste any time at all configuring lighting or finding perfect angles while he was on set. Instead, I used my assistant as the stand-in and spent about two hours testing everything so we would be one-hundred percent ready to go the minute Jacob arrived for the shoot.

Jacob walked out on the field at 11:00 on the dot. All 6’4″ of him. First off, let me say that he was incredibly nice and personable. None of his recent accolades have gone to his head. He chatted amicably, and even shared some of his hog-hunting stories with us.

We got down to business and ended up with some great shots.

Celebrity_Potrait_Photographer_miami_Kate_Benson_Photography-Jacob-deGrom_Jacob_De_Grom_05Celebrity_Potrait_Photographer_miami_Kate_Benson_Photography-Jacob-deGrom_Jacob_De_Grom_02  Celebrity_Potrait_Photographer_miami_Kate_Benson_Photography-Jacob-deGrom_Jacob_De_Grom_04 Celebrity_Potrait_Photographer_miami_Kate_Benson_Photography-Jacob-deGrom_Jacob_De_Grom_10

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Product Photographer Miami Kate Benson | Jewelry Billboard in Miami

A few months ago, DiModolo hired me to shoot their e-commerce product shots for their website. The client liked the photos so much that they ended up using one for a billboard here in Miami.



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