Miami Product Photographer | Kate Benson | Cosabella and FX's The Americans Team Up!

Recently, my client Cosabella has teamed up with FX to collaborate on a project for their show The Americans. In the cross promotion, they needed some sexy still life shots of a few of their signature pieces. The still life was designed out with FX to go along with window displays and other in store cross overs. It was a bit last minute when they called for the shots because everything needed to happen fast enough for FX to have time to do design work on the shots but we made it work! As always, I had a blast shooting for Cosabella! Here are a few of my shots in use on Cosabella's website and email blast:



Kate_benson_e-commerce_Photographer_Cosabella_FX_The_Americans_Outtakes Kate_benson_e-commerce_Photographer_Cosabella_FX_The_Americans_Outtakes2

For a bit more info, check out Cosabella's blog post on "The Official Curated Collection for Fx's The Americans"