Taking my new artist portrait

Shooting portraits is hard so it's nice to get on the other side of the camera and remember how much work it is to be photographed. Sam really was my motivator this morning, he has been twisting my arm for months to get a new artist portrait. So with the help of our dog Budapest (I like to call Boo because he is afraid of just about everything) we had a little photoshoot in the backyard. For the most part, we were shooting for fun. Sam did a great job as photographer and I choose the first shot we took to be my new headshot, after that we just decided to play. Here's some of the photographs!

Budapest on my lap

Giving Boo a hug

The new headshot

Of course we had to snap a shot of us together!

And then I took the camera back to shoot Sam's new big arms from Dragon Boating!

Classic dog and master photograph here. Sam is the favorite.

Boo smelling the camera

He's a happy boy