Zacasha On Model Shoot


On Monday we had an on-model shoot for Zacasha, fabulously elegant bohemian necklace and bracelets. The shoot went really well. Jennifer, the designer, and her team had put together some great wardrobe choices for the carefully selected pieces we were to shoot. The models were fantastic and the weather was great (except for a little too much wind). We shot on location at the beach in Hollywood, and then at a private residence nearby. Here are some of the behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot. Miami_Fashion_Photographer_Kate_Benson_Behind-the-Scenes


Shooting Laura and Ailidh together .


The wind was difficult at times, but we were flexible and moved inside for some shots.

Having talented models is always a plus.


Laying down was one way to beat the wind.

The private residence had a wide variety of areas to shoot in.

The private residence had an amazing backyard with a lot of variety.



It was a great day and we have loads of amazing photos to sort through. We'll share some when we finish processing them.

A huge thanks to everyone who made it run so smoothly: Jennifer - the designer Melanie - her assistant who also modeled for us Leah - Jennifer's daughter who also modeled for us Robin - the owner of the restaurant we used as our "home base" at the beach and the private residence Alex - our "gopher" Marina - our intern Laura and Eilie - the models