Recommended Reading

If you are interested in photography or a photographer and you are not following/reading these blogs, you should be! (A Photo Editor (APE) is edited by Rob Haggart, the former Director of Photography for Men’s Journal and Outside Magazine.) I read this every day. Great insight on the photography industry! This one is good enough I send it to my inbox, not my reader. (Okay, not actually a blog at all, a subscription teaching service) With over 74k different tutorials, this is the lowest cost higher education your money can buy. Prices start at $250/year and it is well worth it. Wait, let’s emphasize this, WELL. WORTH. IT. Any question that I have, a Photoshop issue, InDesign issue, etc. I jump on here and always find a tutorial about it. The video’s are put together by people who are experts in the subjects they teach about and you can find tutorials in business, design, developer, home computing, photography, video, web + interactive, 3D + animation to name a few. I can’t live without this. Tutorials have levels (beginner, expert, etc) so you can start with the basics. has saved me more times than I can count. This dude is the man. He’s got amazing work (to start), a successful business, and a magnificent blog where he teaches all of us numb nuts how to stop screwing ourselves over. One of my favorite parts of his blog are the video sessions where he invites guests (top industry portfolio reviewers for example) and has a sit down (talk show style) with them. It’s… it’s…. it’s…. just amazing! This is the stuff my favorite class in college was made up of (Professional Practice with Henry Horenstein) we went to visit different photo industry professionals in NYC and Boston and just listened to what they told us about their jobs (and the industry, and what they look for). It was the most valuable part of RISD Photo (besides the amazing people I met, no worries guys, I still love you all!). But here Chase is doing it for you, for free. Pay attention!

This list is totally open for recommendations if you know a great blog/site, share it with everyone! I’ll keep adding as I keep coming across sites so check back in!