Kate’s thoughts:

“I love that each genre I work in allows me to contribute in larger ways to helping clients and companies succeed. As a product + still life + jewelry photographer, I work with inanimate objects to give them life. As a fashion + lifestyle photographer, I harness emotion to tell the story so a buyer relates to the image. Lastly as an intimates + lingerie photographer, I embrace the feminine, how a woman wants to feel in these garments. Each of these subjects challenges me and allows me to push creativity through my medium of choice, the camera. For years, I was a photo editor on multiple publications in South Florida and even helped launched more than one magazine. My images have been published around the world and in so many major magazines, I’ve honestly lost track. But I’ve never lost track of the clients that I develop relationships with and who for years honor me by choosing me as their product, fashion or intimates photographer. Living now in Charleston has been such an exciting experience and has centrally located me between Miami and New York while exposing me to the other markets in the south such as Atlanta, Charlotte, Savanah, Raleigh, and all of the Carolina’s and Georgia. I already had a great following in Florida so this change has been amazing!”