Select Clients Include:

Saatchi + Saatchi

Crispen, Porter + Bogusky


Paul & Joe Paris

Santa Margherita Wines


Select Publications:

Vanity Fair Magazine

Food & Wine Magazine

New York Observer

Luxe Interiors + Design


Ocean Drive Magazine

About Kate Benson Photography

Kate Benson Photography specializes in business to business photography services (ecommerce photography, product photography, lifestyle photography) for shoots on location in Miami, Charleston, and throughout the United States and at her new studio in Dallas, Fort Worth (coming in late 2019). Kate’s work has been featured in magazines like InStyle Magazine, Food & Wine, The New York Observer, BBC, Luxe Interiors, Allure, Vanity Fair, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and more. Kate works with brands developing compelling imagery for every channel and medium with the ultimate goal of showcasing their products and services at their best while communicating the brand to its consumers.

Additional Services:

Because creating unforgettable images is more than taking a picture.


  • Record keeping of lighting setups, camera values, and processing recipes. That way, every time you send product, the shots stay consistent.
  • Live previews of what is being shot, as it’s being shot, either emailed or texted to remote clients who can’t be on set. Any change requests and adjustments can then be made right away to get the exact shot you need.
  • Revisions available in a photograph when a design changed so you don’t loose your shot and have to start over.



  • Identifying brand image styles
  • Target marketing for the best return on investment
  • Creating mood boards and image guidelines for future shoots
  • Discussing options for budget conscious photo shoots



  • Location scouting
  • Model + talent casting
  • Backup locations for weather issues
  • Catering/food arranging
  • Retouching
  • Retouching correction lists
  • Identifying and cleaning distracting aspects of images to keep focus on the key elements of the photo
  • Multiple image composite creations
  • Matching LUT’s, filters, and present image guides
  • Recoloring of products
  • Lighting manipulation

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