Charleston South Carolina Jewelry Photographer Kate Benson on how she got here:

I poured over jewelry catalogs when I was a child, fascinated by each piece and how they looked in images. It has taken over a decade for me to become the jewelry photographer that I am today. Photographing jewelry has to be one of the most challenging and interesting products to work with. It seems the smaller the product, the larger the set and production to photograph it is needed. The nature of of shooting jewelry alone isn’t always simple. I’ve worked with armed security guards standing by watching me, in locked vaults with three security checks before we are in, at the personal homes of jewelers and just about everywhere else you can imagine. The lighting that makes diamonds and cut stones really sparkle can be the opposite of what the smooth metal settings need. But I love it all. I won’t compromise my standard as a jewelry photographer. I want each pieces to look absolutely stunning.

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