The fashion photographer you want to work with will be organized, yet flexible. So many things can change the day of the shoot, that it’s necessary to be ready for anything. I’ve been a fashion photographer for over a decade, and although I strive to have everything planned before the shoot day, I know to also be flexible. This “flexible organization” comes from shooting in Florida. Miami is notorious for it’s constantly changing weather. It could be beautifully sunny, then 10 minutes later completely down-pouring. So before a shoot, I coordinate with the art director and client to finalize the plan, especially aspects like what locations they want, and how much time we have per look. Then, I will make sure to scout the locations before the shoot. Inevitably, there will be changes day of. From overly tired models to drastic weather changes (wait, it’s snowing in South Carolina?), I push the creative limits to make sure the shoot comes together.

Here are a few examples of my work. For more images, go to my fashion photographer gallery.

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