Charlotte Jewelry Photographer Kate Benson

One way I excel in Charlotte as a jewelry photographer is my attention to detail. I start by handling every piece of jewelry with the same care and treatment. I work with everything from costume to everyday to fine jewelry, and shooting in locations from studios to vaults to jeweler’s homes. One of the things I love about shooting jewelry is the complicated lighting setups we need. I’m a bit of a photography nerd, where you can catch me staying up late at night studying different lighting setups and taking notes. So I always love when I get the opportunity to use my knowledge for intricate shoots. And jewelry is certainly complex: the lighting used to get diamonds and other cut stones to sparkle is usually the exact opposite of the lighting needed to shape smooth metal. It’s these challenges that makes being a jewelry photographer so interesting, and resolving them and providing the final images to the client is extremely rewarding.

Here are some of my favorite jewelry images. Check out my product photographer gallery for more examples of jewelry and products.

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