Charlotte Product Photographer Kate Benson

When looking for a great product photographer, you want to make sure they can provide you with clean, distraction free, and accurate final images. What makes me an accomplished Charlotte product photographer is that I have over 10 years of experience with this service. Whether I’m shooting products for e-commerce on a pure white background, in a styled overhead shot meant for a multi-channel ad campaign (such as social media), or even on model, I make sure the images are exactly what the client wants and needs. Over the years, I continue to constantly learn and apply new practices to enhance the final product images. I have a meticulous, organized workflow that allows me to make sure each image I provide to the client is at it’s best: the product is the center of attention, and it is an accurate representation of the true piece. 

Here are some examples. To see more of what I do, check out my product photographer gallery.

305.982.7761 [email protected]



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