The Autumn 2018 Cooperative Shoot Day:

Custom photography for multi-channel marketing campaigns

Shooting dates:
On location – September 4th
In studio – September 14th


Our goal is to offer low per image investment for a high end shoot. Typically, fully produced, high quality photoshoots are expensive. What if there was a way these custom shoots could be much more affordable to everyone? We put together a team of creatives who start to finish create custom sets and then give each product a turn being shot in them. With the costs of props, locations, and team not falling on one client alone, each company participating covers a piece of the big picture. Ultimately costing around what you would pay for nice stock photography. As we make our way into fall, we are offering an autumn theme.

Where to use these images:

We’ve produced styled overhead shots for clients before, and the images have been used for social media accounts like Instagram, Amazon product listings, email blasts, website product listings, and more.

How it works:

Pick from one of the two following art directions (or both if you want more images).

Select your product(s) you would like photographed in this set.

Fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Ship your product to our SC studio.

Customizations for Branding Guidelines:

We realize not all of the cooperative shoot sets will match every company’s branding guidelines. These sets are flexible to adjustments, so send us your company requirements and we can adjust colors and file processing to match your specific needs. Just let us know in advance and we will work together to make these photo libraries on brand for you!

What you get:

  • 5 or more final high res images (10 or more if you want images from both sets)
  • Professional styling of the sets and props as well as prop sourcing
  • Product prep and styling before shooting
  • Image processing and basic retouching
  • Image delivery within a week

What it costs:

Prices for a single product in a single set are $225 and in both sets, it’s $400. In most cases we can shoot with more than one product in a set (may have an additional fee). Rates for multiple products shot individually available on request.

Shipping to the studio and return shipping is covered by the client. Please either email us a return label, or send one with your product.


Images below are for art direction only and are not exact versions of sets. Props selections are subject to availability. Sets are adjustable for different products, allowing us to shoot small items like jewelry, or larger items like clothing. If you have a product larger than a bath towel, please contact us and we will discuss different ways to shoot your product in these sets.

Styling art direction for Set 1

Set 1: In Studio collection

  • overhead shot
  • white, grey, or black background (you may choose one)
  • props will be autumn oriented, such as fallen foliage, gourds, or seasonal food
  • lighting will be soft with subtle shadows
  • asymmetrical styling
  • versions of shots include closer and farther images, small re-arrangements of the props, and some angled images

Styling art direction for Set 2

Set 2: On location collection

  • Mostly front angle shots
  • Will be still-life images of products shot in an apple orchard
  • Optional: children (ages ranging from 3 to 5) using/displaying the products, as applicable
  • Apples, trees, baskets, possible food, and other props as well
  • Versions of this shot include products on model, or in different spaces with various zooms and crops
  • Image style will depend on weather. The four images are to show the different possibilities: either more moody shots, or brighter, sunnier ones.

Special Notes

Set 2 is an out of state location, so products will need to be received by August 30th. Products for the in studio set should arrive at the SC studio by the morning of September 13th. Products will be shipped back upon payment of invoice. 

Ready to participate?

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If you have any further questions, have a collection type request, or ideas on how we could make this better for you, send them our way! We are always welcome to feedback!

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