Dallas Fort Worth Jewelry Photographer Kate Benson

Jewelry is a finicky product to shoot. Which is why companies struggle doing in house jewelry photography and often hire a jewelry photographer. It is a product that is so sensitive in its reflections (both in metal and stones -which often like opposite lighting scenarios) that to get the best shots, you need to control every angle and light around the piece. Which is why when people shoot with a simple light box it doesn’t look like the photography you see major brands using. To be honest, I never saw myself specializing as a jewelry photographer when I started my company a decade and a half ago. But I’m excited that the path I took lead me here. Everything about jewelry photography requires patience and practice. I am lucky that clients from all over the country work with me and I get the benefit of jewelry of all levels coming through my studio (or in some cases, I’m going into the shops and warehouses to shoot when insurance requires it). If you have a project and need a jewelry photographer please reach out via email ([email protected]) or using the form bellow. 

Here are some of my favorite jewelry images. Check out my product photographer gallery for more examples of jewelry and products.

Diamond necklace and bracelets shot by Dallas Fort Worth jewelry photographer Kate Benson
Detailed jewelry shots by Kate Benson, Dallas Fort Worth jewelry photographer
Creative image of jewelry styled on jungle leaves, and a watch angled, both taken by Dallas Fort Worth jewelry photographer Kate Benson

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