Instagram: Morning Walk

Sam and I have been really enjoying Instagram. Old news for most people but us Android owners are just getting to start playing with the app. In the mornings at the Benson Trotter house, our dog Budapest is up with the sun (sometimes slightly before it). He’s a good dog and won’t wake you up but his anticipation is in the air and besides once you crack your eyes open, if that sun has started rising, there’s a slim chance you’ll be getting back to sleep. So somewhere in this routine Sam and I started a little game where you try and sneak yourself and the dog out of the room without waking up each other. While on the walk we take pictures and post them in Facebook and/or Instagram so the other person gets to see (once they wake up that is) what they missed on the walk. It’s a cute game. Budapest makes it harder than it sounds by shaking as soon as he gets up (he’s got a very noisy collar) and rubbing his face along the bed. So we have to get him out of the room before he does that. Then when he sees you grab his leash his excitement boils over and the barking begins. I’m sure that is also a fun game for our upstairs neighbor and friend Eva. However, occasionally you do get out the door without waking your better half and get to take some pictures. This is one of mine from this morning. Sorry for the low quality, they are cell phone pictures after all. Enjoy!

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