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Good morning and happy Thursday! Yesterday there was no wallpaper Wednesday because I was shooting and retouching all day. One of my favorite things to do is to actually shoot and finish retouching in the same day. There is something about it that makes me feel like it was the most perfectly complete day when I get to do that. Most (if not all) of my clients already know that about me. They know I love getting their images retouched and back to them right away. I remember about 11 years ago, Sam (my husband) was working for John Hancock in a windowless office, at a computer, on a never ending project of searching for keywords in notes on some massive court case. It was his first internship at Northeastern University and he loathed every day of it. He said that no matter how fast he worked, there was no end in sight and because of that, because he could never see his effect on the project, it was incredibly disheartening. I counted myself lucky that day because I selected a very different career path and instead was blessed to be able to see my effect on a company every day. Sometimes I even get so lucky as to see the sales sheets of before my photography was used and after. That is one of the most rewarding (and rare) moments, because I can see how much I’ve helped. I’ve been shooting e-commerce for so many years it’s down to a science now and I can pull off things like shooting and retouching in the same day. Actually, it would be more often than not that I do that. Only on days with very late starts or super high volume of shots (400+) do I need more time. But even then, I still try and get it finished the next day ;). I love hitting the weekend knowing that no one is waiting on my to finish a project. Then I can enjoy my weekend and shoot for me, paddle, swim, spend time with Sam and friends. If I have an unfinished project is whispers in my ear until I finish it. To be fair, I was also always that kid who did her homework as soon as it was assigned. My favorite was when we had some class time to complete it in because I would set goals for myself to complete it before the period was up and still ace it.

But enough talk about my somewhat OCD nature. Here are some pictures from this weeks e-commerce clients. A little something for the ladies, and a little something for the gentlemen. Enjoy!


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