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On my birthday (about 2 weeks ago) my husband and I received a phone call from a neighbor asking us if we would like to possibly adopt a dog. Friends of a friend of a friend had found this dog running around in 3 lanes of traffic and quickly put him in their car and saved his life. Once they got him home their dog did not like this new addition and they had been trying to find a home for him since.

Having already started the process of adopting a dog (getting the paperwork together from the landlady to bring to the shelter, etc) we were surprised by the phone call and agreed to meet him. Needless to say, the next day he started his new life in the Benson/Trotter family.

Lots of calls started coming in from our friends and family, everyone wanted to see the dog. So I snapped a few pictures of him using the window as my light source and a high ISO. He’s just had the bad surgery so he is wearing a cone, which cracks me up! The pictures are retouched, lowered the saturation, threw in a curves layer and some channel mixers for fun but I would go back and match the colors and tones better to each other if I were to do anything with these shots. Enjoy!

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