Recently I had the pleasure of photographing the ecommerce images for Earthy Chic Boutique. This company was started by two incredibly fun sweet girls who sell in Mary Brickell Village but needed to get a website up and running. Jewelry photography is one of the  most complex and sensitive types of photography, do it right and you can beautiful shots, do it wrong and it can look really, really terrible. As many have, the girls did their own photography while putting together their budget for professional photography and as they explained to me, it only encouraged them to get into the studio and get some professional photos right away. Happily we were able to get the pieces in here and turned around in a couple of days (quite a feat since they had over 80 pieces). Well, the girls haven’t got the website up and running yet, but it you love anything you see here go give them a visit in Mary Brickell Village and when the website is up and running I’ll post a link for everyone!

Here are a few of my favorite pieces from Earthy Chic Boutique:


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