From the first moment I was exposed to Gregory Crewdsons work it was love. Sitting in the auditorium at Rhode Island School of Design, midway through my degree, Crewdson in an honest, brilliant speech opened my eyes to another side of photography. He was admirably honest to even the most invasive questioning (“exactly how much money to you make on a photo and exactly how much does it cost to produce one?”) his haunting photography has sat with me ever since. His, is an intriguing story of personal development and the path he followed to this type of movie production photography was one of very hard work. To say that I am excited to see Brief Encounters would be an understatement. Often I find myself watching behind the scenes or stories of photographers to catch glimpses of their production in hopes of learning a tip or two. With Crewdson there is no chance of this. I know that watching will do what listening in that lecture hall did, leave my mouth agape, staring in disbelief at the story of a man whose photography is as surreal to create as it is finished.


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