Every now and again I come across a documentary that really excites me and I can’t wait to see. Often I quietly await a screening near me or that time has come to past and I rent the movie. But this one has just started up, recently premiering at SXSW. Fall & Winter looks to be a can’t miss film. Although it is another movie about the Global Crisis, which some may tire of, I have not. Not just because it is an issue close to my heart but because these films are often made by brilliant visual artists. Fall & Winter, from what I saw in just the brief preview the trailer gives, should not disappoint. Film maker Matt Anderson has a beautiful eye. Not only do the interviews seem beautiful lit and composed, but also shots of the world are equally striking. For the eye candy alone, I want to see this movie.
Worth noting, Fall & Winter started as a Kickstarter campaign. Which goes to show once again, Kickstarter is awesome. Below is the trailer, enjoy!