Donald J. Pliner mock ups

My incredibly talented friend Michael over at Donald J. Pliner mocked up a few new home pages with the recent images from the photoshoot I did last week at Bill Baggs Park. It is always been one of the most rewarding parts of being a photographer, seeing your work in play. This is just his first draft so hopefully he doesn’t mind me sharing (granted his first mock ups are better than most people’s final revisions). Thank you Michael for sharing these with me!

I love how the homepages for the men and women play off similar photographs. Granted this is all subject to further approval and edits but what a great start. As always I will wait in anticipation of great things to see what Michael ends up creating.

Donald J. Pliner Spring 2011 Lifestyle shoot

Yesterday Kate Benson took on Donald J. Pliner Spring 2011. In the beautiful Bill Baggs State Park we absolutely took over and cruised through the day shooting 21 different looks. A personal record. Despite passing clouds, the 80 degree weather cooperated and left only a few sunburns. One great thing about being a Miami photographer, I can shoot outside all winter long and it’s beautiful. Here are the behind the scenes photos!

(2018 Edit: We’ve just switched websites, and we’re trying to find these images, too!)

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