Kate Benson Photography Miami | Jewelry Photographer | Editorial shoot for Inspirato Magazine

In February I had the pleasure of working with Inspirato Magazine for the first time. They are a great team and need a Miami photographer to capture a group of jewelry pieces from designer Loren Jewels. Funny thing, when I went to her website I saw she was the designer of pieces I had been lusting after on Pinterest (cigar band ring, yes pleeeeease). So naturally I was very excited to be the photographer for the shoot.
Some of my favorite moments came from the challenges of the styling the image. The pieces were shot on large leaves that were not even close to lying flat, causing issue after issue. But the excitement of solving these issues (how to get earrings to look perfect while they are sloping down the side of a leave, without knocking over the ring or bracelet delicately balanced on the same leaf) made it a very fun shoot!

Here’s the shot!





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