Sofia’s Portrait :: Miami Portrait Photographer, Kate Benson

On Thursday night last week I was texted by Sofia asking if I had any time to take a portrait of her… tomorrow. It’s always a bit hard to make that work, usually by that point the next day is planned out to the minute. Sofia said she had been hoping to get a portrait done for a while and was finally able to make it happen. This is something  familiar to me, calling people last minute to see if they can see me, acupuncturist, physical therapist, etc. My schedule just doesn’t let me make an appointment a week ahead (at least not if I want to keep it). Was it karma? Fate? One way or another I know that with all the times people have accommodated me I was going to make this happen for her. I shuffled things around, and was able to give Sofia a time she was also available to take her portrait.
The shoot was awesome, Sofia is such an awesome person, who also, like many awesome people, has no idea how beautiful and awesome she is. This image was my favorite, she choose a few others, but I had to blog it. She is an artist and I imagine that if her work is half as awesome as she is then she’ll have lots of success.

The Great Scott

One of the best parts of my job is knowing that I’ve given images to a client that they’ve never expected. Because I love that moment so much it is not unusual for me to prime clients with a slightly lower expectation that what I know I can deliver (I know, a bad idea). So I listen to the needs they describe and then tell them where there will be trouble meeting those needs (if any) maybe make a few extra suggestions on how we could improve even more on those ideas and then strive to blow their minds with the final images. Of course after hiring me a few times that surprise goes away but when someone comes who just needs photos once it is my chance to do this all over again. It makes being a photographer worthwhile for me. A week ago I photographed Scott. He needed a collection of portraits for print and online usage (all personal). Scott was a great sport and really trusted me. I knew we had some really awesome photos that day and with his permission, here is one of my favorites:

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