Kate Benson Photography Miami | Travel Photography | Wallpaper Wednesday

This was taken with my new fancy phone the HTC One. I’ll be honest, it is a really fun camera on that phone. I don’t expect to make the clearest prints in history from a cell phone but the best camera in the world is the one you have on you right? I did drop the photo into Photoshop and just cleaned up some of the noise and background (and added the watermark) but the color editing and everything else was in phone. What I really like about this phone is the camera comes with the ability to view live adjustments on the screen before shooting. So you can experiment with different contrast and color while looking at the image, when you like it, take the shot. Additionally there are other features available for editing after as well. Straighten, being my favorite (amazing how much your off just a tiny bit when you snap a photo with your phone).
Amazing how new toys always become the favorite toys. Of course, this is no substitute for the Canon, but it really is fun!


Kate Benson Photography Miami | Fine Art Photography | Wallpaper Wednesday

Getting on the blog early today! In the spirit of yesterdays post of the Florida Everglades your Wallpaper Wednesday is from that trip as well. As always, any Wallpaper is available as a fine art print (just send me an email at, [email protected] for details). Also, for anyone in Miami, if you haven’t head/seen already ASMP South Florida is hosting a seminar tonight at Barry University with Seth Resnick, a wonderful photographer, very worth checking out! You can register here : http://www.sethresnick.eventbrite.com/ social time is at 6pm, Seth speaks from 7-10 with a break in the middle. Hope to see you there!
And now, your wallpaper.


Kate Benson Photography Miami | Wallpaper Wednesday

Also from my beach shoot a week and a half ago is this shot. I love the sea grass and because the subjects of the portrait were a family who really connects with sea grass, this wallpaper is dedicated to them. I hope it brings some warmth to them up in Toronto!

Wallpaper Wednesday

Here is a little Triptych for you this Wednesday. Hopefully it will get everyone inspired for some fun activities. This is of one of my favorite fashion models, Ekaterina, who is truely as awesome a person inside as out!


Wallpaper Wednesday

Monday I posted a bunch of my work from the Kentucky part of my summer trip, today I’m posting from an earlier part of the trip, the Oregon part. One of my best friends tied the knot on the Oregon coast and this wallpaper is from the beach she married on. She grew up visiting this coast and while we were students are Rhode Island School of Design together her thesis was a collection of images from beaches inspired by (and including) this same beach where she married. If I could find some of her work from RISD I would post it. Her images were unbelievable. But she decided to shoot only for recreation only after collage and now works as the image buyer for Adidas. Maybe seeing this post will convince her to at least put some of her images online somewhere. Even if it’s just a Flickr account. I’d love to share with you her version of the beach, but until then, enjoy mine.

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