Update on the fine art prints for Imoto, Palm Beach

My prints for the Palm Beach new restaurant Imoto were due to be finished today, I drove down to Color House in Miami to do one last quality control and two of the three prints looked great. But the third print was a little off (they caught the mistake before I got there but this is why you have to check over everything you do) they had already started removing it from the plexi mounting. There is a  reason they tell you it is a permanent adhesion to the Plexiglas when you frame this way. Removing the print completely ruins it and takes 3 guys. It was awesome. This was one of the rare times I actually had my point and shoot Panasonic Lumix with me and so I grabbed some photo’s and a little video of the process to show how messy it is.

Fine Art Photography Commision | Key West (part 1)

This week started with a three and a half hour drive over blue oceans, through chains of islands and finishing in Key West. My little sister has been visiting me and hasn’t been there since we were kids. With a furious snow storm heading to her home of New Hampshire we decided to get as far south as possible to end her trip with an adventure. But, January is a very busy month for photographers in Miami and inevitably work was booked to be shot during our adventure.
A fine art commission is always a blast. It gives me a chance to think outside the box and creates opportunity for intentions (and hopefully not expectations which are artistic suicide). So we knew we wanted night photography, and we new we wanted architectural & time-laps elements. Other than that it was open for interpretation.

The results did not disappoint. Getting home and editing the images left me impressed over and over. Now the exciting part starts as the commissioner selects which images will be printed between 3-4 feet and hung as a triptych all hopefully within the next week and half before the restaurant opens. I’ll keep you posted!


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