Abstract Photography

In Key West, I tried shooting in a very different way to create some abstract photography pairings. These are a few of my favorites.

(2018 Edit: We switched over our website, and are looking for these images, too!)

Key West (part III)

Day two: After breakfast, and goodbyes to our friends who had to head North, my sister and I rented bikes and scouted more locations (with a few stops on the beach).

We formed a game plan of where to shoot and then starred in horror as the thickest fog in 10 years rolled in and covered Mallory Square. So much for that shot of the street performers and tourists at sunset. But reminding myself that this is about intentions and recognizing that because the expect shot was impossible it opened the door for an opportunity, we saw potential in foggy Mallory square. So disappointment turned into a pleasant surprise and we caught some more great shots.

Perfecting the art of riding a bike while balancing a tripod in it’s front basket enabled us to travel a lot further and shoot off Duval Street. The Green Parrot was beautiful along with a few deserted foggy street corners. Into the night we shot and had a great dinner with our friend and host Doug at Pepe’s. Knowing we would have to head out early we opted to finish shooting and call it a night, bringing CF cards of amazing images back home with us.

Key West (part II)

Day one: After a detour in Islamorada to make arrangements to meet our friend Kara later in the night and an amazing lunch at a little place called Castaways in Marathon (just before the 7 mile bridge and after about 5 U-turns because it’s impossible to find) my sister and I found ourselves riding around in the back of a 1953 Ford Pickup Truck with our friend and Key West local Doug, scouting locations.

An hour later we were shooting sunsets from a boat graveyard one key up from Key West with Kara and our new friend Jason (this shot is for you Jason!).

(2018 Edit: We’ve had a few different website hosts since this blog post! We’re looking for this image, too.)

The night progressed by dodging intoxicated tourists along Duval Street, suspending my Canon 5D Mark II off the edge of rooftops, and eventually exploring the abstract. Once I filled up my cards I took it as a sign to relax and join my friends who had already meet up with the Mayor of Islamorada for a much needed glass of wine at The Grand Vino. We had a great time, I made some more new friends from Louis Backyard and introduced them to the Vignette demo app for the Sprint HTC EVO phone. Their sunset photo’s will get even cooler now. By now my friends who agreed to have a drink at every bar I needed to shoot from were feeling great and it was time to head back to Doug’s house on Love Lane.

To be continued….

Fine Art Photography Commision | Key West (part 1)

This week started with a three and a half hour drive over blue oceans, through chains of islands and finishing in Key West. My little sister has been visiting me and hasn’t been there since we were kids. With a furious snow storm heading to her home of New Hampshire we decided to get as far south as possible to end her trip with an adventure. But, January is a very busy month for photographers in Miami and inevitably work was booked to be shot during our adventure.
A fine art commission is always a blast. It gives me a chance to think outside the box and creates opportunity for intentions (and hopefully not expectations which are artistic suicide). So we knew we wanted night photography, and we new we wanted architectural & time-laps elements. Other than that it was open for interpretation.

The results did not disappoint. Getting home and editing the images left me impressed over and over. Now the exciting part starts as the commissioner selects which images will be printed between 3-4 feet and hung as a triptych all hopefully within the next week and half before the restaurant opens. I’ll keep you posted!


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