Wallpaper Wednesday

Opps… I skipped last week. Almost skipped this week too. This was my bad. There really wasn’t much of an excuse, as I was driving away on Wednesday to the West coast of Florida (Sarasota, St. Pete, Tampa area) to celebrate my father’s 70th birthday I though about how I felt like I had forgotten something. By the time I realized it was to post my wallpaper I was almost through Alligator Alley and not interested in turning back to Miami to post a photo. So, I apologize. Hopefully I won’t do this next week as well as I’ll be on my way to the Grand Canyon (cool pictures to come from that I hope) on Wednesday. But here is a little beach shot for everyone, since it’s Wednesday and we have to work and not go to the beach, at least it can be our inspiration to get to the weekend.

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