Miami Night Out

Going out in Miami for most people is to go to the clubs, eat at the fancy restaurants, dress up, see and be seen. Going out in my Miami is not that Miami. My Miami is dive bars, wine bars, greasy food, great ambiance, etc. Tobacco Road was one of the first bars I feel in love with in Miami, so it is no surprise this former Al Capone hangout is a must visit whenever someone comes to stay with me. A few weeks ago Food & Wine Magazine asked if I had any shots of this hidden gem (as well as a few other Miami can’t miss places). Of course I didn’t, I never brought a camera when I went to Tobacco Road. Why would I want to bring a camera to a dive bar?? But not to let history repeat itself, I decided to give it a try. Go visit my favorite little hidden spots and see what happens if I shoot while I am there. So with husband, sister and brother-in-law in tow last night we hit some of these gems.

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