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Dear Sleep,
I have really missed you lately. Between flying to Miami, Dallas, and Miami again this month, it’s been busy. Let’s add to that, Sam traveling “literally” (shout out to you Miami) every other business day that I wasn’t away, has made it even more crazy. So it’s been on the road, getting home to single working mom life, the back on the road, repeat. But this morning, I slept until 7:15am. A number that used to be missed by me because I slept through it. A number that lately, over the last few years, I see after hours of being awake.

So as I noticed myself with a bundle of energy (headed to the gym in a bit), I also noticed as I responded to my emails a different tone. Everyone is my buddy. When responding to quote requests it’s all smile emoji this, wink emoji that, and lots of over exaggerated exclamation points. “Oh, my email went into the wrong folder and did the shoot with someone else and wish it had been me? NO WORRIES!!! 🙂 🙂 Maybe next time! Hope the shoot went well!!!” And that crazy part, I actually feel this way. It’s been so long, so so so long, since I had a full night of sleep.

One of my best friends Marisol used to be a client. She would always tease me because I have the WORST customer service (okay, maybe it isn’t the worst, but it is usually all business and getting straight to the point). A few years ago, my agent at the time told me I wasn’t allowed to talk on the phone without actually physically smiling because it came across in my voice (a quick note, I never had any idea I could possibly be coming across badly! I always have had a lot of respect for everyone and try and be really good about that to anyone reaching out). So as I’m writing my overly friendly emails this morning, responding to quote requests, I just started laughing. Turns out, all along, the only thing stopping me from being “all business” and “overly friendly” was just a bit more sleep. There is a balance in here somewhere I’m sure.

And on that note, it’s off to be super productive (hopefully).


Dear other photographer named Kate Benson… thank you for not being a crazy person.

No seriously, thank you. Because as much as it sucks to have another photographer with the same name as me (we’ll both agree it kinda sucks), it doesn’t suck as much as it could. I appreciate that you are a normal person, not a crazy person. I count myself lucky that your working in a different genre than I am, living in a different part of this country, and I’m really lucky you are a great photographer so when we are confused for each other at least no one is walking away. So for the times I’ve gotten upset about the mixups that have happened. I apologize. You are awesome. You are nice. Thank you for that.
Here is a string of emails I received this week from a photographer who shares the name as another photographer. I think he wanted me to take down a link I have that goes to the other guy. But the other guy is a great photographer, and not at all crazy, so I am not taking the link down (besides, bullying is just wrong)… but here’s the conversation. It started last weekend and just in time for this blog post he sent the last one. Hope it gives you a good laugh this Friday! I took out the name of the photographer, but see if you can guess who it is…










Miami Night Out

Going out in Miami for most people is to go to the clubs, eat at the fancy restaurants, dress up, see and be seen. Going out in my Miami is not that Miami. My Miami is dive bars, wine bars, greasy food, great ambiance, etc. Tobacco Road was one of the first bars I feel in love with in Miami, so it is no surprise this former Al Capone hangout is a must visit whenever someone comes to stay with me. A few weeks ago Food & Wine Magazine asked if I had any shots of this hidden gem (as well as a few other Miami can’t miss places). Of course I didn’t, I never brought a camera when I went to Tobacco Road. Why would I want to bring a camera to a dive bar?? But not to let history repeat itself, I decided to give it a try. Go visit my favorite little hidden spots and see what happens if I shoot while I am there. So with husband, sister and brother-in-law in tow last night we hit some of these gems.

Ecommerce Photographer Miami

Welcome to Monday. My day has started with retouching the 422 photo’s I took of shoes Friday. I’m completely beat from running the Miami ING 1/2 marathon yesterday and I am booked Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week. Glad that the fashion accessories e-commerce photography business is booming but also have to laugh a bit at the “when it rains it pours” truth in my life. Next week is also scheduling up really full and all I want to do is take a nap! I’m only 307 photo’s away from that nap…. Which basically means I’ll be working through the night. But after the changes that have happened 2012 so far, I’m happy for the work and to be busy is always good for a freelance photographer.

Brain ‘rejects negative thoughts’

“…the brain is picking and choosing which evidence to listen to….there is a very fundamental bias in the brain.”
Optimists are optimistic because their brains are better at processing positive information and ignoring negative information. Pessimists are pessimistic because their brains process the opposite.

Full article at BBC

Enjoy your Monday 🙂

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