A little piece of advice about your phone.

Turn off your cell phones when you finish speaking with a client! Then lock your phone, yes lock it, before you put it in your pocket.
Actually, it’s probably not a bad idea to do this after speaking with anyone. As we’ve all had to learn the hard way once before, either through being on the receiving end of that phone call or on the sending end, no one likes pocket dials. If you keep your clients information anywhere in your phone, those tight jeans may just end that relationship. I’m not saying you talk trash about people, of course you don’t! No one does 😉 It’s just that it is highly unprofessional to call a client and not have something to tell them relevant and important, so a pocket dial of you singing to “Don’t Stop Believing” at the stoplight is really bad. Equally bad is the assumption that your client hung up their phone so you don’t have to hit end on yours. Odds are if you were going to say something about a client it would be right after you finished the conversation where they wanted you to shot what!?! and for how much!?!?!?!! So if you were nice to them on the phone about it, suck it up and be nice about it after, at least until you make absolute sure your phone is hung up.

It’s not about taking trash, this is business people and everyone needs to vent once in a while. No one is going to blame you for it, unless you make a stupid mistake and get busted.

PS. watch out for cheek dialing, many a private phone call has been interrupted with a cheek dialed conference call.

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