Wallpaper Wednesday

A photograph, a poem, and hopefully, a glass of delectable wine to wrap up a productive day.  Happy Wednesday.
All images are available for purchase as fine art prints.  Just shoot me an email and we’ll get you squared away!

Blushing Vineyards
When I magnify my own imagination
to the subtle calibration
of your thoughts, each intonation
moves our house of cards
into blushing vineyards.

from the terracotta veranda,
through its arch of flowers trailing old propaganda,
i don't view God and Fate, or Them
in the same way again.

we give and grow out of bartered bygones
into kings and queens of hearts and diamonds;
searching for a place to fit
outside this caricature of mind, mouth and mit-

so we stay, walking or sat
in every laughing moment, doing this or that-
now and into other times
for as long as these grapes come back
onto our vines.

- Strider Marcus Jones 

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