Kate Benson Photography Miami | Fine Art Photography | Wallpaper Wednesday

Getting on the blog early today! In the spirit of yesterdays post of the Florida Everglades your Wallpaper Wednesday is from that trip as well. As always, any Wallpaper is available as a fine art print (just send me an email at, [email protected] for details). Also, for anyone in Miami, if you haven’t head/seen already ASMP South Florida is hosting a seminar tonight at Barry University with Seth Resnick, a wonderful photographer, very worth checking out! You can register here : http://www.sethresnick.eventbrite.com/ social time is at 6pm, Seth speaks from 7-10 with a break in the middle. Hope to see you there!
And now, your wallpaper.


Kate Benson Photography Miami | Wallpaper Wednesday

Also from my beach shoot a week and a half ago is this shot. I love the sea grass and because the subjects of the portrait were a family who really connects with sea grass, this wallpaper is dedicated to them. I hope it brings some warmth to them up in Toronto!

Kate Benson Photography Miami | Portrait Photographer | Fine art shots between looks

One of my goals, year after year is to shoot more fine art work. In a seminar I helped ASMP South Florida host this year on pricing and marketing your work, it was mentioned that if the genre of photography doesn’t make up a certain percent of your income, don’t focus on it. That said, I agree that maybe on your website you don’t focus on it, but when you are inspired to shoot something, whatever it is, shoot it. So that is what I did last week.  I had a portrait session I was shooting at the beach. Usually, in the time while people change, I am busy reviewing shots, making quick edits, etc. However on Thursday I decided to do some shooting for those moments. I dropped them on my computer and really loved some of them. This is one of my favorite shots!

Wallpaper Wednesday

Two weeks ago I shot for the Girls of Absfuel Calendar. Absfuel holds a contest on Facebook where each month girls submit their photos for consideration. At the end of the month one girl wins a contract with Absfuel and is flown to the Fontainebleau  Miami Beach has a photo shoot for the Absfuel calendar.  The first 3 winners came down and we had an amazing day shooting them. The shots that made the cut for the calendar are top secret but this is one of my favorite out takes from the shoot. I hope model Ashley Brooke (who is meeting with a few agencies down here soon) likes the shot as much as I do!

Wallpaper Wednesday


I’ve been shooting like a mad woman, which is of course making me happy. But it also makes my blog empty. So my sincere apologies for that. Traditionally this is when I can’t post anything, but today, I woke up early so I could post this weeks wallpaper Wednesday before running out the door to my next shoot. This is a shot of where I wish I were instead of a in a warehouse somewhere shooting shoes (actually, I really like shoe photography, so it’s not 100% true, I should say “this is where I wish I were going to be after I finished shooting shoes). I photographed this down in Islamorada also a couple of weeks ago. Have a great week!

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