Every now and again, we all work on Sundays.

Although shooting on a Sunday afternoon with impending storms approaching is not usually my first choice, it turned out well last weekend. I let our subject (this time she’s a 14 year old girl) send me images that inspired her so we could match what she wants with my style. We came out with some incredibly different images. From a tribute to Herb Ritz on the beach to an Anthropologie catalog it’s hard to believe these photos were shot within 1.5 hours of each other.

More to come! Check back, as there was also a quick shoot in the studio before we left and another 2 location looks.

Visiting in Miami

I was really excited and lucky to have my sister Jacquelyn Benson (she’s an amazing writer) and her boyfriend Dan visiting this week. Besides hitting the beach and BBQing almost every day we also took a fishing trip, visited Tobacco Road, and had many more adventures. Naturally I was sad to see them go back to their home in Maine but I look forward to heading up north sometime this summer to play with them again.
To start you off, a little love shot from Sam of him and I!

Hope I have been able to temp some of my family and friend in far away lands to come visit too!

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