Monday Model Test

Because Monday is such a hard day *usually* I wanted to share mine with you. My Monday was awesome (sorry for gloating but it was). I photographed Naples model, Skyel Bella so she could rebuild her comp card. We wanted to show how versatile her look was, she has an awesome range from commercial to glamorous and the most amazing eyes! With the help of the awesome makeup artist Gina Dearing we totally transformed Skyel back and fourth through the different looks. Skyel will have her work cut out of her choosing which images to put in her book, but too many good choices is a nice problem to have!
These are my favorites!


Model Casting

Wouldn’t you want to shoot these legs? I do! I think we have a winner here for the Donald J. Pliner Fall 2011 Marketing shots! We looked at over a hundred models who are in Miami right now, but Elite stepped up to the plate sending us the top two choice. Kinda crazy that she is a size 10. We usually draw the line at size 9 for models but because we are using actually merchandise to shoot with, instead of samples, we can pull them in any size. Which makes everyone really happy because she is amazing!


Every now and again, we all work on Sundays.

Although shooting on a Sunday afternoon with impending storms approaching is not usually my first choice, it turned out well last weekend. I let our subject (this time she’s a 14 year old girl) send me images that inspired her so we could match what she wants with my style. We came out with some incredibly different images. From a tribute to Herb Ritz on the beach to an Anthropologie catalog it’s hard to believe these photos were shot within 1.5 hours of each other.

More to come! Check back, as there was also a quick shoot in the studio before we left and another 2 location looks.

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