Key West (part II)

Day one: After a detour in Islamorada to make arrangements to meet our friend Kara later in the night and an amazing lunch at a little place called Castaways in Marathon (just before the 7 mile bridge and after about 5 U-turns because it’s impossible to find) my sister and I found ourselves riding around in the back of a 1953 Ford Pickup Truck with our friend and Key West local Doug, scouting locations.

An hour later we were shooting sunsets from a boat graveyard one key up from Key West with Kara and our new friend Jason (this shot is for you Jason!).

(2018 Edit: We’ve had a few different website hosts since this blog post! We’re looking for this image, too.)

The night progressed by dodging intoxicated tourists along Duval Street, suspending my Canon 5D Mark II off the edge of rooftops, and eventually exploring the abstract. Once I filled up my cards I took it as a sign to relax and join my friends who had already meet up with the Mayor of Islamorada for a much needed glass of wine at The Grand Vino. We had a great time, I made some more new friends from Louis Backyard and introduced them to the Vignette demo app for the Sprint HTC EVO phone. Their sunset photo’s will get even cooler now. By now my friends who agreed to have a drink at every bar I needed to shoot from were feeling great and it was time to head back to Doug’s house on Love Lane.

To be continued….

Great Camera App for smartphones.

This is geeky. Aren’t photographers supposed to be though? I don’t have an iPhone, I don’t even like the iPhone. But it’s because I LOVE Google Voice (so if you ever call me and are prompted to say your name you are calling my Google Voice number) and the iPhone doesn’t support Google Voice. So I will never buy an iPhone. That’s okay though, because in June Sprint released the HTC EVO and everyday my husband or I find something new and fun that this phone does. But I’m not trying to sell you the phone, I want you to check out this app and whether you like the iPhone, the HTC EVO, or any other smartphone this app is too much fun not to recommend!  it’s a free app that applies filters to your photographs so that they look like different types of Polaroids, a pinhole camera exposure onto film, or other really cool effects. I’m in love with it. My only negative thought is that the images produced are teeny weeny tiny files and my phone has an 8 megapixel camera on it. So while these images will never do anything more than live in cyberspace, I will keep using this app because it is so neat.

Here’s a few to check out, there will be many more Retro Camera App posts… oh yes, this is way too fun.




Visiting in Miami

I was really excited and lucky to have my sister Jacquelyn Benson (she’s an amazing writer) and her boyfriend Dan visiting this week. Besides hitting the beach and BBQing almost every day we also took a fishing trip, visited Tobacco Road, and had many more adventures. Naturally I was sad to see them go back to their home in Maine but I look forward to heading up north sometime this summer to play with them again.
To start you off, a little love shot from Sam of him and I!

Hope I have been able to temp some of my family and friend in far away lands to come visit too!

Miami photography morning adventure.

My loving husband set the alarm for quarter to seven in the morning today. Not exactly the way I was hoping to start my day, but I had promised him the next time I had a free morning I would go take some photographs with him and our dog Budapest.
It was crazy windy at the beach my hat kept blowing away and I had forgotten to bring a hair tie so it made it hard to see! But I got some cool shots in because we had great light!

I was really inspired by the colors and as a result I wanted to pay tribute to the golden days of Polaroid.

I had a lot of fun creating these and I hope that comes through! The colors, light and texture are so graphic on Polaroid transfers.

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