Getting inspired!!
These are blogs that put other photobloggers to shame. I imagine keeping up with these blogs alone take all the photographers time! If only one day I could travel the world to take pictures, then play with them in retouching and post them to my blog for a living. *sigh* A photographer can dream can’t she??

Stuck in Customs -wow, wow, wow, Trey Ratcliff way to be dedicate! He promises to put a new photo on every day and keeps that promise (claims to only miss about 10 days a year). Somehow, between traveling the world to take pictures, giving speeches + interviews, playing with all his fun Nik software tricks, he sits down and creates (from what I can tell) a substantial post with a photo. The real kicker, the photo’s are really really good! Most photographers would be happy to create a shot like that a month, or a year even! Trey just whips them out every day.

Durham Township -Kathleen Connally, showing us the way to look around you to find amazing photos. She’s not traveling the world like Trey, she driving/walking/exploring around her town and county showing us how beautiful photos can be taken without paying for those plane tickets. Although she doesn’t post every day (we can’t all be like Trey) she posts a lot. Check out the photo information, she isn’t shy about letting us know what she’s shooting with and doing to each picture to get the images to look like that! It’s a great learning tool, and she has motivated me to purchase a new lens or two.

And just for fun, Stumbled Across This Gem -It’s not always about pretty pictures, sometime it’s about resources. This list of helpful links includes photoblogs, creative sites like and more. It’s from and called the top 100 photography blogs, very cool.

What’s your favorite photoblog?

(2018 Edit: Unfortunately, and are discontinued.)


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