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I enlisted the help of my intern Nadia to put together a list of different Workshops in South to Mid Florida which may be of interest to the photographers and enthusiasts in the audience. We broke them down to levels and included the details of each Workshop. To be honest, I don’t think anyone can go wrong signing up for workshops. It is a place where we can network with other photographers as well as find deep learning. I’m sure we just scratched the surface with this list so if anyone has recommendations of other Workshops in  Florida or has comments on any of these workshops, leave a comment. I would love to hear from you and I’m sure the rest of the audience could find it useful too!
In no particular order other than experience levels:

What: Break Out of Auto Mode Workshop |
Experience: Beginners
Where: 210 Almeria Ave. Coral Gables, FL (Photo Workshops)
When: Contact 305-740-5401 | 305-305-5823
Instructor: TBD
Requirements: DSLR camera, camera manual, lens.

Here beginners will learn how to break free and use other settings besides auto mode with their cameras. This is class where you will be able to learn how to be more comfortable and confidant using your DSLR. There are only twenty spaces per class, so it would be a good idea to call for scheduling and make sure you have a space. ISO, aperture, shutter speed and all the basics will be covered in this three hour course. You should be prepared to have your camera, your cameras manual and your lens when arriving to this class. Workshop materials, drinks and snacks are included. $150.00 per person.

What: Composition in the Field |
Where: Miami, FL | Greynolds Park
Level: Beginner
When: Sunday Sept 15, 2013 10 am – 1pm
Instructor: Bernardo
Requirements: $99

Test and push your cameras capabilities with the direction and assistance of your instructor. This course will be a three hour session of shooting strategically and using all of your cameras capabilities to the fullest. You will be able to improve the quality of your photographs and it will give you a stronger foundation for shooting more advance photographs in the future. Each workshop will begin with a lecture and a questions and answers segment.

What: Inside the Frame Photography Workshop |
Level: Beginner
Where: Selby Gardens Sarasota, FL [941] 366 – 5731
When: Call for details Instructor: TBD
Requirements: Bring whichever camera you wish to experiment with (Polaroid, camera phone, DSLR, point and shoot etc…)

In this class you will learn the importance of taking a good photograph regardless of your gear. Having high quality equipment is always a plus, however, great images can be made using all different calibers of equipment. Composition and having a creative open mind will determine how one can take a compelling image. You may bring your DSLR or a point and shoot to this workshop; whichever gear you want to experiment with. The subject focus of this course; people, places and things.

What: Lightroom and Digital Photography |
Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Where: 415 Clematis St. WPB, FL Sponsored by the Palm Beach Photographic Center (561) 253-2600
When: Nov 14 -16, 2013 9:30 am – 5:30 pm
Instructor: John Reuter
Requirements: $775

In this course photographers will become better acquainted with lightroom features and using it as a resource for retouching and organizing photographs. Creating catalogs, applying copyrights, and metadata are some of the topics the instructor will go over. They will also go over the vast improvement of lightroom and how it can improve an array of different images you may be working with.

What: Lighting Essentials |
 When: Saturday July 20, 2013 and also 8/10/13, 8/31/13, 9/21/13, 10/12/13
Where: 1001 N. Federal Hwy, Ft. Laud, FL 954-522-6500 | Calumet Photo Studio
Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Instructor: TBD
Requirements: $65.00 Camera, paper and pencil

In this workshop students will be able to learn and understand the effects of studio lighting and how to effectively use them. The instructor will also go over a wide array of tools and equipment that photographers use in studio lighting. Students will receive a workbook in this course so they can follow along through demonstrations. Modifiers, fill light, portrait lighting, and location flash fundamentals will all be discussed.

What: Miksang Photography Workshop |
Experience: All levels
Where: Hyatt Place 104 N.E. 2nd Ave. Delray Beach, FL
When: Aug 30, 2013 – Sept 2, 2013
Instuctor: Dennis Connor Email: [email protected]
Requirements: Must have your own camera and laptop to bring to this workshop

Different perspectives can create much different images of the same subject. It is always fascinating as an artist to see other photographers perspectives of the same thing; thus this is also true throughout different cultures – perspectives change. Miksang Photography is an Asian perspective of Photography; the Tibetan word that literally translates as ‘Good Eye”. Perception based photography with a simplified eye; sometimes so obvious we as a western society don’t necessarily hone in on it. All levels are invited to join.

What: Lightroom 5 Workflow |
When: July 23rd -July 26 9am – 5:30pm
Where: 1143 Vinter Blvd, Palm Beach Gardens FL 33410
Level: Intermediate or above
Instructor: Seth Resnick + Jamie Spritzer
Requirements: $1099.00 You must bring a digital camera that shoots raw, lap top (PC or MAC), flash card, card reader, external hard drive (2), Lightroom 5 and Photoshop CS6 is suggested.

This course is recommended for intermediate to pro level students who will get a broad understanding of Lightroom 5. Course fee does not include meals or any transportation.

What: Canon EOS Emmersion Workshop | Seminar
When: Oct 19, 2013 10 am – 6pm
Where: University of South Florida | Tampa | College of the Arts – Theatre 1 3839 SF Holly West Tampa, FL 336
 Level: Advanced
Instructor: Jeff Green + Shannon Levy
Requirements: $89

This workshop will be full of lectures and demonstrations. You will be able to take full advantage of your cameras features while shooting an array of subjects and learning what setting to use for each one. Lighting will also be discussed at length and how utilizing it correctly can enhance the creativity of your images. Most of the content in this course is related to Canon. There will be time set aside for questions an answers as well. Emmy award winning journalist Shannon Levy will go over the capabilities of video. She will discuss frame actions, structor, angles, composition and video technique.

Miami Photography Studio | Intern/Assistant needed | Kate Benson Photography

So I was going to post this online but then decided to put a call out here first. I’m in a little over my head at the moment and I need some help here at my studio. It will be part internship, part assisting. Pay will depend on what your doing. If anyone is interested in working with me send an email to [email protected]. What I would like to know is:

  • Your full schedule. Classes and any other commitments you have, please include times as well as days.
  • What part of the city you live in.
  • Do you have a car? Do you require mileage compensation?
  • Your skills! But the more info you can give me the better, if you say photoshop is a skill, send a before & after example.
  • Your assisting experience (if you have any) listed
  • Any references you have please include (photographers you’ve worked with, teachers, etc)
  • If you want to send examples of your photo work feel free but that is less relevant to what I’m looking for.
  • How long are you interested in this position?
  • What equipment and software do you have (camera? Lights? computer? what’s installed on it? What versions? etc)
  • Skills (of course, list them all)

What I am needing help with:

  • Retouching, both creative images and high volume images
  • Assisting on shoots
  • Business help (let’s copyright some images together, this is a skill you’ll be glad you learned)
  • Research
  • Archived file management
  • New file editing
  • Blogging

There will of course be other things that come up. Right now I just don’t feel like I have enough time in the day and need help with everything. I’m happy to say that all of my past interns are now full time photographers (except one, but he’s a special case and I still have my fingers crossed that he’ll quit his insanely amazing job and go for it, but I don’t blame him for taking that job, it was an opportunity of a lifetime). Of course if you like, I’ll give you contact info of some of my past interns to talk with them about the experience. This is a serious learning position but also a working position. I need the help, which is great, but I also teach. So it is not the place for you if you are just interested in meeting a credit requirement. There are other places where you will be able to get that which will require less of you, and hey, no hard feelings, college is a lot of work so not everyone has this much energy. My last 2 interns already had graduated and that was great because they were able to get a really intense training.

What (I hope) you will learn:

  • How to shoot better and more creatively (of course)
  • How to edit and find your best images (we do portfolio reviews together)
  • How to identify an images needs (It may look great to us but will it look great to an art buyer? Straighten this, crop into that -if your a cropper, etc)
  • Waaaay more Photoshop that you know now. There is going to be a lot of Photoshopping in this.
  • Lightroom work flow
  • Business practices
  • Client relationships
  • Website management
  • Blogging with WordPress (let me know how much you know about WordPress too)
  • More things that I don’t have time to list, hence I need help!

So send me an email, with as much info as you can. Then I’ll get back to you letting you know if our schedules and skills are compatible. I’m posting here first to give anyone who already knows me a chance to respond first and then I’ll post online elsewhere.




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