Wallpaper Wednesday

In the last 5 days I’ve photographed, jewelry, shoes, an actress, a model, and an opera singer. There was no weekend for me. There wasn’t even time to think about it. Somehow, I managed to get the retouching finished as well on all but the Opera Singer (but we shot her yesterday so I feel like that is okay). Tomorrow I have two shoots booked, then two more on Friday. When it rains it pours doesn’t it? And since today is raining, and the shoots scheduled for today postponed, I will send this blog post out, cook something tasty that will take all day, and eat it with my friends tonight. Opening a window for Pintrest now, and enjoy the new wallpaper (it’s Ecaterina Andreev, the beautiful model I photographed on Sunday, she is signed with Elite Miami but heading to Milan very soon).

Wallpaper Wednesday


Can you guess what this weeks wallpaper is? I’ll give you a hint, you’ll probably by enjoying a few of them over the Memorial Day weekend festivities…. Bottoms up!

Wallpaper Wednesday Resurected!


Lets see if I can stay on the wagon posting these here. It’s after 5 on Wednesday, but it is still Wednesday. Can anyone guess where this was taken? It’s not what you would expect!

Wallpaper Wednesday

On Thursday, after I didn’t have time to put one up last week too. So I get an “F” at Wallpapers this month. Maybe your November is too busy also and you haven’t noticed. Or maybe you loved the Sedona, AZ wallpaper so much that you were happy to get it for an extra week. Well, I’m flattered. Here is another one for you to enjoy since you enjoyed the last one so much.

Every now and again, we all work on Sundays.

Although shooting on a Sunday afternoon with impending storms approaching is not usually my first choice, it turned out well last weekend. I let our subject (this time she’s a 14 year old girl) send me images that inspired her so we could match what she wants with my style. We came out with some incredibly different images. From a tribute to Herb Ritz on the beach to an Anthropologie catalog it’s hard to believe these photos were shot within 1.5 hours of each other.

More to come! Check back, as there was also a quick shoot in the studio before we left and another 2 location looks.

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